Cellular agriculture and cultivated meat

Cellular agriculture and cultivated meat

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Growth factors for cellular agriculture including cultivated meat, dairy and seafood

Cellular agriculture has the potential to transform food production and impact the health and well-being of future generations. Immediate priorities for cultivated meat and dairy process development include optimizing serum-free cell culture media to support cell expansion and maturation stages in bioreactor conditions. Replacing animal-derived components, particularly fetal bovine serum (FBS), is essential for consistent performance, to remove the risk of contamination from viruses or prions and opens opportunities for fine-tuning of culture conditions. Growth factors are critical components of cell culture media and provide a carefully orchestrated set of biochemical signals to control cell growth and fate. High purity, animal-free and optimized growth factors produced in an efficient microbial fermentation process provide the most reliable solution for cultivated meat and cellular agriculture. We provide extensive CoO, CoA and animal-free (AOF/ADCF) documentation, bulk pricing, stock reservation service and opportunities for collaboration to support this important field. Please contact us to discuss further.

Growth factors for serum-free media

Cell expansion

TGF beta 1 (TGF-β1 PLUS) (Qk010)
TGF beta 3 (TGF-β3) (Qk054)
Activin A (Qk001)
Porcine/bovine FGF-2 / bFGF 145aa (Qk040)
FGF-2 / bFGF 145 aa (Qk025)
FGF-2 / bFGF 154 aa (Qk027)
Zebrafish FGF-2 /bFGF (Qk002)
Heregulin beta 1 / NRG-1 (Qk045)

Differentiation and muscle-specific

PDGF BB (Qk044)
IGF-1 (Qk047)
IGF-1 LR3 (Qk041)
HGF NK1 (Qk013)
Porcine HGF NK1 (Qk061)
Bovine HGF NK1 (Qk060)
EGF (Qk011)
Porcine EGF (Qk064)

Serum-free media optimization

Thermostable bFGF / FGF2-G3 145 aa (Qk052)
Thermostable bFGF / FGF2-G3 154 aa (Qk053)
Porcine/bovine FGF-2 / bFGF 154 aa (Qk056)
Activin A PLUS
Follistatin-resistant Activin A (Qk035)

Product focus

Animal-free cell culture with HGF natural isoform NK1

The NK1 isoform is the smallest naturally occurring splice variant of HGF, it comprises the HGF N-terminal and first kringle domain. Qkine HGF NK1 is also completely animal-free (AOF), making it suitable for chemically defined media and reproducible scale-up. This isoform promotes efficient differentiation of human iPSCs at just 10 ng/ml.

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