Growth factors & cytokines
for cellular agriculture & cultivated meat

Growth factors for cellular agriculture including cultivated meat, dairy and seafood

Qkine cultivated meat research area

Cellular agriculture has the potential to transform food production and impact the health and well-being of future generations. Immediate priorities for cultivated meat and dairy process development include optimizing serum-free cell culture media to support cell expansion and maturation stages in bioreactor conditions.

Replacing animal-derived components, particularly fetal bovine serum (FBS), is essential for consistent performance, to remove the risk of contamination from viruses or prions and opens opportunities for fine-tuning of culture conditions.

Growth factors are critical components of cell culture media and provide a carefully orchestrated set of biochemical signals to control cell growth and fate. High purity, animal-free and optimized growth factors produced in an efficient microbial fermentation process provide the most reliable solution for cultivated meat and cellular agriculture.

We provide extensive CoO, CoA and animal-free (AOF/ADCF) documentation, bulk pricing, stock reservation service and opportunities for collaboration to support this important field. Please contact us to discuss further.

Growth factor discovery kits for cellular agriculture

Qkine Discovery pack 1
FGF-2 species-specific discovery kit

For rapid testing of multiple species FGF-2 and thermostable FGF-2 to replace human proteins in cell cultivated meat.

Thermostable FGF-2 discovery kit Qk502
Thermostable FGF-2 discovery kit

For rapid testing of FGF-2 with thermostable FGF-2  protein, to determine whether the short half-life of FGF-2 is impacting cell fate.

B8 media discovery kit Qk503
B8 media discovery kit

For current hiPSC media comparison with B8 media to see if your cells can be maintained as efficiently while giving you the weekends off.

Beefy9 media discovery kit Qk504
Beefy9 media discovery kit

For rapid testing of Beefy-9 against current serum-free bovine stem cell maintenance media to evaluate whether your bovine satellite cells can be expanded more efficiently.

Serum-free media optimization kit Qk505
Serum-free media optimization kit

For rapid optimization of your media to become entirely serum-free. This kit contains 7 growth factors commonly used in a variety of serum-free media. Use it to optimize media for your cells to fully define your media.

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Product focus

Animal-free cell culture with HGF natural isoform NK1

The NK1 isoform is the smallest naturally occurring splice variant of HGF, it comprises the HGF N-terminal and first kringle domain. Qkine HGF NK1 is also completely animal-free (AOF), making it suitable for chemically defined media and reproducible scale-up. This isoform promotes efficient differentiation of human iPSCs at just 10 ng/ml.

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Animal-free growth factors for cellular agriculture

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