Growth factors and cytokines for organoid research

Qkine is committed to manufacturing enhanced-quality bioactive proteins to improve scientific outcomes and reproducibility. We provide a complete portfolio of animal-free and carrier protein-free growth factors and cytokines for organoid culture.

Organoids are 3D assemblies of cells, containing multiple cell types, arranged in a similar structure to the modelled tissue, but on a micro-scale. Organoids represent a more physiologically relevant model of tissues than 2D and mono-culture systems.

As organoids recapitulate tissue-specific features, they are used in the study of tissue development and maintenance, stem cell characteristics, cellular interactions, precision medicine, disease modelling and drug discovery. Due to long periods in culture, it is important that all growth factors for organoid culture give highly consistent biological activity.

Where possible, consider replacing conditioned media with recombinant proteins such as high purity R-spondin 1 and noggin to improve reproducibility and scale-up.

All our recombinant proteins are animal-free
and come with Bioactivity. Guaranteed.

Product focus

R-spondin 1 protein replaces conditioned media in pancreatic tumor organoid culture

Comparison between human healthy pancreatic organoids and human PDAC tumor organoids in three culture conditions over three passages.

P-0 indicates the initial start of the culture in full growth media supplemented with R-spondin 1 conditioned media (A). Comparison of pancreatic organoid growth after three passages (P-3) in media supplemented with R-spondin 1 conditioned media (B), recombinant R-spondin 1 (Qk006) (C), or no R-spondin 1 (D).

No differences in organoid growth have been observed when using recombinant R-spondin-1 instead of R-spondin-1-conditioned media.

Experiments have been conducted by Dennis Plenker, Ph.D. in the lab of Dr David Tuveson at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

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Animal-free growth factors and cytokines for organoid research

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