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Press release

Qkine partners with CARMA to revolutionize sustainable food production

Qkine is excited to announce a new partnernship with the UK’s new £12M cellular agriculture manufacturing hub, CARMA.

The EPSRC-funded Cellular Agriculture Manufacturing Hub will develop new approaches to making food products.

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New product

CNTF now available

We have launched CNTF as part of our neural stem cell range. Manufactured in our Cambridge facility, this animal-free recombinant protein is high purity with exceptional bioactivity.

CNTF is suitable for the culture of various neural and glial cells such as neural stem cells, motor neurons, and astrocytes as well as retinal cells.

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Save 30% for 3 months when you switch to Qkine recombinant proteins

We are offering all labs that have not previously purchased from Qkine a 30% discount across the whole portfolio for 3 months from the first purchase.

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Advanced neurobiology modeling with stem cells

28th September 2023 | 3:00pm BST | 1 hour


In this week’s #FridayRead, Mohamed et al. present the method to generate larger numbers of human Midbrain Organoids (hMOs), in a manner that decreases variability whilst maintaining the viability of these hMOs over time – addressing the reproducibility challenge of the stem cell field.


Always reconstitute TGF beta family proteins using a low pH (We use 10mM HCl) – these proteins will precipitate in a physiological buffer. The low pH will also aid the maintenance of the correct disulfide structure by minimizing disulfide bond exchange reactions. Learn more about handling and storing proteins with Qkine.

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Trusted by experts

“Our lab has been using FGF2 and activin A from Qkine in stem cell cultures for many months now. Our epiblast stem cells and trophoblast stem cells never looked better. Qkine has provided us with exceptional customer service and most importantly top-quality, affordable growth factors. We will be definitely using their products in the future.”
Prof Jan Zylicz, Novo Nordisk Foundation, University of Copenhagen

Recombinant human activin A PLUS, Qk005, and recombinant zebrafish Fgf2, Qk002,  feature in the recent publication:
Kinoshita, M. et al. Capture of Mouse and Human Stem Cells with Features of Formative Pluripotency. Cell Stem Cell (2020) doi:10.1016/j.stem.2020.11.005.

Austin Smith Lab, Cambridge Stem Cell Institute / University of Exeter
“We have used GDF15 from Qkine in cellular experiments and in vivo and it performs very well. Qkine staff are communicative and efficient and delivery times are excellent.”
Prof Stephen O’Rahilly, University of Cambridge, UK

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