Bioactivity. Guaranteed.

Bioactivity. Guaranteed.

Raising the standard in bioactive protein manufacturing and innovation

Qkine is committed to manufacturing bioactive proteins of the highest quality to enhance scientific outcomes and improve reproducibility.

Our robust animal-free manufacturing platform, along with rigorous quality control procedures, ensures exceptional bioactivity and consistent performance from lot to lot, guaranteeing outstanding performance in your applications. We proactively leverage our expertise in manufacturing and protein engineering to develop unique optimized proteins designed to address fundamental biological, translational and scalability challenges.

Our product portfolio comprises growth factors and cytokines tailored for stem cell and organoid culture, as well as biomarkers and attachment factors. We actively support emerging fields such as cellular agriculture, regenerative medicine, synthetic hydrogels, organ-on-a-chip technology, and bioprinting.

To ensure absolute reproducibility and optimize scientific outcomes, all our products rigorously adhere to the Nine-point Qkine Quality Commitment.

Featured scientific areas

Thermostable FGF2-G3

Thermostable FGF2-G3 is a hyperstable form of FGF-2 (bFGF), the essential component for the maintenance of pluripotency in stem cell media.

Neural stem cell culture

Recombinant proteins for neural stem cell culture

High-quality growth factors are essential for developing and maintaining robust, reproducible, and physiologically relevant neural cultures.

Cultivated meat, fish, fat and dairy

alison and catherine with award

Growth factors are critical components of cell culture media and provide the most reliable solution for cultivated meat and cellular agriculture.

Product highlights

High quality & pure GDNF

Qkine GDNF animal free recombinant protein
  • Tested extensively by researchers for neuronal differentiation
  • Exceptional lot-to-lot consistency and animal-free
  • Novel member of the TGF-beta superfamily – our area of expertise!

High quality & pure R-spondin 1

Qkine R-spondin 1 recombinant protein Vial image
  • Replace conditioned media with chemically defined media for better reproducibility
  • Used to potentiate Wnt signaling in many organoid culture systems
  • The original animal-free version

Animal-free TGF-β1 PLUS

alison and catherine with award
  • First entirely animal-free recombinant TGF- β1
  • Extensively tested for maintenance of iPSC pluripotency
  • More bioactive and pure than the mammalian-expressed version


Organoid brochure

Organoids brochure

Learn more about organoids and the key growth factors for the robust and reproducible development of organoids.

The first quality-matched animal-free TGF–b 1,2 and 3 proteins for improved cell culture media development

TGF beta family technote

Learn more about the first quality- matched animal-free TGF-ß1, 2 and 3 proteins for improved cell culture media development.

FGF2-G3 case study

FGF2-G3 brochure

Learn more about how FGF2-G3 can be used to reduce weekend media changes by downloading this brochure.

Latest news

animal origin-free recombinant protein manufacturing

Qkine transitioned to a fully animal origin-free (AOF) manufacturing process

Transitioning to animal origin-free manufacturing of growth factors is a crucial step toward more ethical, safe, and sustainable bioproduction methodologies.

This shift ensures the highest standards of safety, purity, and sustainability in bioproduction. By eliminating all animal-derived components, including heparin-based purification columns, we’re supporting ethical and cruelty-free biomanufacturing.

fgf-8b bioactivity graph

Qkine and Sartorius partnership delivers a complete workflow

Qkine is delighted to announce its collaboration with Sartorius, a global life science group, to supply growth factors and cytokines for stem cell and organoid research, as part of a comprehensive workflow solution.

Qkine and Sartorius are committed to advancing scientific research and empowering scientists.

women scientist holding computer

Qkine partners with CARMA to revolutionize sustainable food production

Qkine partners with the UK’s new £12M cellular agriculture manufacturing hub, CARMA, to revolutionize sustainable food production.

The EPSRC-funded Cellular Agriculture Manufacturing Hub, a multidisciplinary consortium led by Prof Marianne Ellis, University of Bath, will develop new approaches to making food products.

Trusted by experts

Tamir Rashid & Eileen Gentleman Labs, Imperial College London & King’s College London

Noggin (Qk034), R-spondin 1 (Qk006), FGF10 (Qk003), feature in the recent publication:
Agarwal, R. et al. Human epidermis organotypic cultures, a reproducible system recapitulating the epidermis in vitro. Experimental Dermatology (2023)

Emmanuel Contassot & Alexander A. Navarini Labs, University of Basel

Murine LIF (Qk018),  feature in the recent publication:
Hennessy, M. J., Fulton, T., Turner, D. A. & Steventon, B. Negative feedback on Retinoic Acid by Brachyury guides gastruloid symmetry-breaking. Preprint (2023)

David A. Turner & Ben Steventon Labs, University of Liverpool & University of Cambridge

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Our dedicated team of stem cell specialists is here to help. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Contact our expert team

Our dedicated team of stem cell specialists is available to answer any queries and to give expert support when required.