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Organoids brochure

Qkine organoids brochure

FGF2-G3 case study

Qkine innovative FGF2-G3 case study


Activin A technote

Qkine Activin A technote

BMP-4 technote

Qkine BMP4 technote

BMP-4 bioactivity technote

Qkine BMP-4 bioactivity comparison technote

CNTF technote

Qkine CNTF technote

DKK-1 technote


EGF technote

pEGF technote

Qkine pEGF-technote

FGF-1 technote

FGF-8a technote

FGF-8b technote

FGF2-G3 technote

Flt3L technote

GM-CSF technote

Qkine GM-CSF Technote

IL-3 technote

IL3 technote

LIF technote

Qkine recombinant LIF protein technote

M-CSF technote

Noggin technote

Qkine Mouse/Rat Noggin technote

R-spondin 1 technote

Qkine R-spondin 1 technote

TGF-β1 technote

Qkine TGF-B1 technote thumbnail image

TGF-β3 technote

TGF-β family technote

the first quality- matched animal-free TGF-ß1, 2 and 3 proteins for improved cell culture media development.

VEGF 165 technote


Advanced neurobiology modeling with stem cells

Qkine stem cells webinar