Qkine is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company

Qkine was founded in 2016 and operates from the Cambridge Science Park, UK. The Qkine quality management system has been implemented to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015. The quality management system is applicable to the development and manufacture of products; sourcing of raw materials and products; commercial and operational activities.

Quality policy statement

At Qkine, we are committed to providing the scientific community, our customers, with the highest purity innovative recombinant protein reagents and related products to support scientific discovery and champion reproducibility in science. We are also committed to working with emerging sectors, such as cultured meat and animal-replacement technology providers to create a more sustainable future built on strong science.

Our guiding principles are

Total transparency

The fundamental biochemical quality of our products and open, honest and proactive customer service is core to what we do. We will undertake stringent purity and bioactivity testing data for all proteins and this will be communicated effectively to our customers. We will provide the highest level of transparency whilst protecting our intellectual property.

Protein innovation

Our team are dedicated to solving stem cell culture challenges for our customers and seek out the best solutions for the supply chain needs of the stem cell and regenerative medicine sector. Our product portfolio includes products where protein engineering and optimisation are combined with high-purity manufacture processes to develop first and best in class solutions.

Position in the scientific community

Qkine is founded upon methods and scientific standards that continually pursue excellence, innovation, reproducibility and superior quality. We consider ourselves an integral part of the scientific endeavours and success of our customers and partners.

To achieve these, we
• continuously seek improvement by setting and achieving strategic quality objectives
• use a process approach and risk-based thinking to ensure full integration of our quality management system with our business processes to achieve our quality and service objectives
• are committed to providing the resources and training needed to ensure an effective quality management system and the guiding principles and work environment that facilitates our employees to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations
• will satisfy all applicable regulatory requirements and good practises

Quality management system leadership commitment

As CEO of Qkine, I am committed to our quality principles and the quality management system which underpins our service to customers and the wider scientific community. I take full accountability and support other members of staff and stakeholders to achieve quality objectives and exceptional standards of customer service.

Dr Catherine Elton (CEO)