Growth factors and cytokines for hepatocyte differentiation

Qkine is committed to manufacturing enhanced-quality bioactive proteins to improve scientific outcomes and reproducibility. We provide a complete portfolio of animal-free and carrier protein-free growth factors and cytokines for hepatocyte differentiation culture.

Complete animal-free hepatocyte differentiation process

The complete set of fully animal-free growth factors for the differentiation of human pluripotent cells to hepatocytes is available. To ensure reproducibility of your endoderm differentiation protocols every lot is thoroughly tested for biochemical purity and bioactivity. Lot-specific quality control data and animal origin-free (AOF/ADCF) certificates are available to facilitate planning for the transition to pre-clinical studies and establishing future GMP-compliant processes.

Hepatocyte differentiation from iPSC protocol

All our recombinant proteins are animal-free
and come with Bioactivity. Guaranteed.

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Why should I use animal-free growth factors and cytokines?


BMP4 comparison with other suppliers: Qkine BMP4 is more potent

BMP-4 (Qk038) has enhanced bioactivity


The future of iPSC-derived pancreas and liver implants

Product focus

Enhanced hepatocyte differentiation using HGF natural isoform NK1

The NK1 isoform is the smallest naturally occurring splice variant of HGF, it comprises the HGF N-terminal and first kringle domain. This isoform promotes efficient differentiation of human iPSCs to hepatocyte-like cells at just 10 ng/ml, resulting in highly homogeneous expression of the hepatic marker, HNF4α. Qkine HGF NK1 is also completely animal-free (AOF), making it suitable for chemically defined media and reproducible scale-up.

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Animal-free growth factors for hepatocyte differentiation

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