Terms and conditions of sale

“Qkine” refers to Qkine Ltd, 152 Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge, CB4 0GN, United Kingdom

Placing Orders

Please order via the website (www.qkine.com), email (orders@qkine.com) or telephone (+44 (0) 1223 491486). All orders are subject to availability.

You must provide a valid purchase order document. Once the order has been received, we will send an order confirmation via email, which constitutes an agreement that the prices and order details listed are correct and agreed by the customer.


Payment instructions are set out on the invoice, our standard invoice terms are 30 days. We reserve the right to ask for prepayment for first-time customers or specific countries. All customers agree to pay any bank charges that are incurred by Qkine in processing payments, where notified, as well as any bank charges charged to the customer by their own bank.


Price and other information provided is subject to change without notice. All prices quoted are exclusive of Value Added Tax, delivery, packing charges and insurance and are accurate at the time the order is made. Prices of products do not include import duties in countries where these are applicable.

Free delivery promotions

Free delivery promotions are for eligible orders only, some regions may be excluded, please email orders@qkine.com with details of your order if you would like a quote or more information.  Orders placed via approved Distributors are subject to the Distributor standard terms and shipping costs.

Terms of delivery

The incoterm of delivery for our goods shall be “Delivered At Place” (DAP), according to “INCOTERMS 2020” – International Rules for the Interpretation of Trade Terms (ICC Pub. No. 723), subject to the Delivery Terms.

  • The seller delivers when the goods are placed at the disposal of the buyer on the arriving means of transport ready for unloading at the named place of destination.
  • The seller bears all risks involved in bringing the goods to the named place.

Receipt of products

Customers should inspect products upon receipt and notify us immediately of damage, shortages or defects by e-mail (orders@qkine.com). Risk in product passes on delivery and property of the products passes to the customer when payment has been made paid in full.

Cancellation policy

If you wish to cancel an order please let us know by email (orders@qkine.com). There will be no cost to the customer if cancellation is prior to despatch. If the customer wishes to cancel an order after the order is despatched, the product will need to be returned and a restocking fee of 25% will apply.


The quality of our products is of paramount importance to Qkine. If the product does not perform as described on the datasheet, we will provide replacement or refund if you notify us within six months after receipt of the product. You will need to provide us with details of your protocol and controls. Any claim relating to products is limited to replacement or refund of original purchase price paid.


Please contact us by email (orders@qkine.com) if you want to return a product. Unfortunately, we can not accept returns of products which have special shipping requirements, including those shipped on dry ice. Requests for returns must have prior authorization and must be shipped back to us within 7 working days of receipt of products; prior to shipping, products must have been stored as stated on the datasheet and not have been opened, broken or otherwise altered. Items must be returned in the same or equivalent packaging as originally dispatched by us. You are responsible for shipping costs and any customs charges and taxes that might be incurred.

Please note that shipping, handling and packaging charges are non-refundable.

Use of product

Qkine products are not for use in humans and are not for diagnostic or therapeutic use. Customers agree to comply with the provisions of applicable international and local statutes, rules, regulations, ordinances and orders when using Qkine products.

Qkine products are provided for research use only and not for any commercial use unless agreed with us in writing. Commercial uses include, but are not limited to: resale or transfer in any form (including as part of a kit); analysis or reverse engineering of our product.

Qkine is not responsible for patent infringement or other violations which may occur with the use of these products.

Legal liabilities

Qkine will not be liable for any professional advice it may offer in relation to the use of the products nor any claims or applications not listed in the literature or the misuse of products which will include using the products for diagnostic, therapeutic or in vivo use in human subjects. Any claim relating to products shall be limited to replacement or refund of original purchase price paid. Except for personal injury or death caused by negligence (for which no limit applies), Qkine will not be liable (under contract, by negligence or any other way) for any indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the products or this Agreement and Qkine’s total aggregate liability for any loss or damage in respect of the products or this Agreement will not exceed the amount paid for the products under this order.  Except for the express warranties set out in these terms, all other warranties express or implied, statutory or otherwise are hereby excluded to the extent permissible by law.


The contents of this website are protected by copyright.
Contracts and agreements with Qkine shall in all respects be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law.
All users of this website are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Condition in their entirety.
Nothing in these terms is intended to provide any rights to third parties to enforce any term.

Qkine is entitled to amend at any time these terms and conditions by posting them on this website in amended form with a note of the date when such amendments shall take effect. Your continued use of the website after the date any amendments shall take effect shall be construed as your acceptance to such amendments.

last updated: 14th April 2022