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Beefy9 media growth factor discovery kit (Qk504)

For rapid testing of Beefy-9 against current serum-free bovine stem cell maintenance media to evaluate whether your bovine satellite cells can be expanded more efficiently.


Beefy-9 is the first animal-component-free foundational medium for cultured meat and ensures food safety with no synthetic steroids, addressing regulatory concerns. It’s an open recipe, allowing for easy replication and future modifications which prevents barriers to adoption. Beefy-9 supports long-term culture over multiple passages, a critical requirement for cultured meat production, distinguishing it from prior serum-free media options.

This discovery kit allows the optimization of the published Beefy9 recipe. Compare it with current serum-free bovine stem cell maintenance media to evaluate whether your bovine satellite cells can be expanded efficiently.

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Kit content

  • Bovine / porcine  FGF2 (154 aa) – Qk056 – 500 µg
    The long form of FGF-2 used for the development of optimized serum-free culture media for species-specific bovine (cow) and porcine (pig) cultivated meat and veterinary research applications.

  • Bovine /porcine FGF2-G3 (154 aa) – Qk081 – 500 µg
    A thermostable engineered form of bovine FGF-2. This is the 154 aa mature domain of FGF-2 (Qk056). The functional half-life has increased from <10 h (wild-type) to >7 days (FGF2-G3).

  • NRG1 – Qk045 – 50 µg
    Frequently used in the maintenance of human pluripotent stem cells and has widespread use in stem cell culture media.

  • IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1)  – Qk047 – 500 µg
    Used in the maintenance of human pluripotent stem cells and is necessary for cell growth in the absence of insulin1.

  • IGF-1 LR3 (insulin-like growth factor long arginine 3) – Qk041 – 500 µg
    A synthetic analog of IGF-1. The substitutions include an Arginine substitution and an N-terminal protein extension. Consequently, IGF-1 LR3 has improved biological potency and extended half-life.

  • TGF beta 3 – Qk054 – 25 µg
    A member of the Transforming Growth Factor family, a family involved in regulating cell survival, proliferation and differentiation.1 TGF-β3 is used in human pluripotent stem cell maintenance medias, such as B8 media.

Quality features

  • Highly pure >98%, by SDS-PAGE quantitative densitometry

  • Highly bioactive – come with our Bioactivity Guarantee

  • Source: Expressed in E. coli 

  • Animal-free (AOF) and carrier protein-free

  • Manufactured in Cambridge, UK

  • Lyophilized

Quality assays

  • Mass spectrometry, single species with the expected mass

  • Endotoxin: <0.005 EU/μg protein (below the level of detection)

  • Recovery from stock vial: >95%

Kit description

Find the recipe for Beefy-9 here.

The innovation of adding recombinant albumin to B8 media has yielded a groundbreaking advancement in cell culture for the growth of bovine satellite cells, resulting in the development of Beefy-9 media [1-2]. This novel medium is the first of its kind, meeting fundamental criteria to serve as a foundational medium for cultured meat production. One key feature includes the complete absence of animal-derived components, ensuring animal-component-free culture conditions. Even, vitronectin, crucial for cell adhesion to culture flasks, is produced without animal inputs. This departure from traditional serum-containing media, which often rely on animal-derived additives, distinguishes Beefy-9’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in cell culture [1] [3-4].

Beefy-9 incorporates food-safe components, excluding any chemicals or compounds, such as synthetic steroids, that could potentially raise regulatory concerns regarding food safety. This feature enhances confidence in the safety and suitability of cultured meat products developed using Beefy-9 [1,5].

The transparency of Beefy-9’s recipe distinguishes it from previous serum-free media options. Its fully described and defined composition, devoid of proprietary ingredients, facilitates reproducibility and allows for easy modification and optimization. Laboratories interested in advancing cultured meat research can readily adopt and build upon Beefy-9 without facing hurdles related to complex formulations or proprietary restrictions [6].

  1. Stout, A. J. et al. A Beefy-R culture medium: Replacing albumin with rapeseed protein isolates. Biomaterials 296, 122092 (2023).
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