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Save 30% for 3 months when you switch to Qkine recombinant proteins

We are offering all labs that have not previously purchased from Qkine a 30% discount across the whole portfolio for 3 months from the first purchase.

Learn more about this new promotion and conditions below.

FGF2-G3 free sample

Thermostable FGF2-G3 is hyper stable at 37°C enabling more reproducible stem cell cultures. This animal-free recombinant protein has been engineered to increase the half-life of FGF-2 from <10 hrs to >7 days in culture, allowing you to follow weekend-free cell culture protocols, and giving you the confidence that your FGF-2 is bioactive for the duration of your culture.

Compare FGF2-G3 alongside your current FGF-2 in your cultures by requesting a free sample.

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Qkine referral program

We are offering our customers and their colleague/friends the chance to both receive a £25 Amazon Gift card when they are referred to Qkine. Terms and conditions apply, see our referral program page for details.

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New lab promotion

Are you setting up a new lab? To make the process a little easier, we’re offering a new lab start-up discount to make your budget go further. Please send us an email at and we’ll be in touch shortly to discuss this exclusive promotion.

Discounts for UK academics

We understand that UK academics need to utilize limited budgets carefully to ensure maximum results. To support you, we are offering an exclusive UK academic discount. Please email for a price list, discount by quotation only.

Discounts for cultured meat researchers

Qkine firmly believe that cellular agriculture has the potential to transform future food production and have a positive impact on the health and well-being of our children and future generations. To demonstrate our support and commitment to this sector, we are giving researchers in this field an additional discount. Please email for a price list, discount by quotation only.

Free growth factors for summer students

Finding projects for summer students that allow them to learn and take ownership of independent research, while simultaneously being useful for the lab can be a challenge. To help, we’re offering up to 5 x 100ug of free growth factors for each participant to carry out a summer project with the chance to win £1000 of growth factors for the lab.

Free sensitive plant growing pack

Would you like a free touch sensitive plant pack to grow at home or in the lab? Sign up to our newsletter to receive a Mimosa plant pack.

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