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We are re-defining industry standards for growth factor and cytokine biochemical quality to enable you to more reproducibly and cost-effectively scale your stem cell, organoid and regenerative medicine applications.

Protein purification technology to produce exceptionally high purity recombinant growth factors and cytokines

Based on proprietary technology developed in the laboratory of Dr Marko Hyvönen, research group leader at the University of Cambridge, we develop and manufacture the highest purity, most reliable growth factors, cytokines and other novel proteins, so you can focus on your science. Our proteins are manufactured in a dedicated animal-derived component free (ADCF) laboratory and we define very strict and robust quality criteria, with rigorous purity and bioactivity testing conducted on every batch. By providing the highest quality growth factors and cytokines, we’re helping to strengthen your supply chain, saving you valuable time, money and effort.

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Gremlin can replace noggin in stem cell and organoid culture

Along with setting a new benchmark for protein purity, we use innovative protein engineering techniques to tackle fundamental biological and scalability challenges, such as protein stability and cell culture reproducibility. For example, we recently developed an optimised form of R-spondin 1 to replace conditioned media for organoid culture. By developing highly optimised forms of key proteins, we’re supporting the seamless scale-up of your stem cell and organoid systems for applications including precision medicine, toxicology screening and tissue engineering.

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Crystal structure of Act A

When Marko Hyvönen first set up his academic laboratory at the University of Cambridge, he needed to produce large quantities of highly pure Act A for structural analysis. Using his expertise and innovative protein engineering techniques, he solved the challenge of producing Act A in sufficient quantity and purity, only to discover that he had also solved a key challenge for the stem cell community. This led to Marko supplying his Act A along with other growth factors to the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute for over a decade. In 2016, Marko combined forces with our CEO, Catherine Elton, to bring high-purity and bioactivity growth factors to a global audience.

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We have a busy product development pipeline with lots of exciting and novel proteins coming shortly, including a stabilised form of FGF2, TGFB1, LIF and Noggin, as well as a catalogue of neural growth factors. However, if there is a particular growth factor or cytokine of interest that we don’t currently offer or a protein you’re having particular challenges with, please get in touch with our team at support@qkine.com

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