Qkine quality: our growth factors and cytokines work. Any problems, we give you your money back. Simple as that.

We’re scientists and by defining very strict and relevant quality control criteria, we provide proteins that work exactly the same way, every day, from batch to batch, at any scale you need.  Batches that do not match our strict criteria are discarded, we believe in saving other scientist’s time, money and effort.  

We take the quality of our cytokines and growth factors very seriously.  All our proteins are produced in-house and we understand the impact on your work if your cytokines are not consistent and of the highest quality.  If you have any questions about our proteins or data, please email us at support@qkine.com.

Marko, co-founder of Qkine, has over 25 year’s experience in the structural biochemistry of TGF beta family growth factors.  Read about his opinions on protein purity and quality in this article where he sets the scene for Qkine’s emphasis on quality.