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Qkine is committed to manufacturing bioactive proteins of the highest quality to enhance scientific outcomes and improve reproducibility.

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1306, 2024

Pep Talk June 2024

In this edition, we are excited to announce our complete transition to animal origin-free (AOF) manufacturing for all recombinant proteins. This ensures the highest quality and consistency for researchers relying on these critical components. Additionally, discover our latest application notes featuring AOF BDNF and GDNF for neural differentiation and thermostable FGF-2 and TGF-β1 for weekend-free iPSC culture.

2203, 2024

Pep Talk March 2024

In this edition, explore our latest data on TGF-beta family proteins designed to facilitate faster optimization of cell culture media. Additionally, you will find other resources to support your research, learn about our upcoming events, and much more.

901, 2024

Pep Talk January 2024

Welcome to our first newsletter of the year, where we will be highlighting new additions to our portfolio, resources to help your research, our latest promotional offer and upcoming event.