Implementing animal-free recombinant proteins into stem cell supply chains

Most industries today are under pressure to switch to more ethical and sustainable animal-free alternatives, and now the trend is coming to stem cell labs. As stem cell applications accelerate towards the clinic, novel drug discovery platforms are rapidly scaled, and new transformative stem cell-based technologies such as cultured meat arise, there is a drive to switch to animal-free cell culture media. But as scientists are trying to establish new animal-free systems to support the scale-up of their stem cell applications, the properties and challenges inherent in these proteins are becoming more prominent – and frankly a headache for many.

Our CEO, Catherine Elton, and one of our senior protein scientists, Beata Blaszczyk, discuss the 3 key challenges facing pharma and biotech companies as they embark on the path to implementing animal-free systems into their stem cell and organoid workflows in this article published on Technology Networks.

Read the article to learn:
💡 The importance of batch consistency
💡 How cost of goods is currently a barrier to scale
💡 Why clarity is needed over the definitions of animal-free vs. ADCF

Article abstract originally published on Technology Networks