I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to three completely different audiences about careers in science and entrepreneurship in the last couple of weeks.  These talks challenge you to encapsulate why you do what you do.

So, in a suitably autumnal nutshell, I’m proud that at Qkine, we are challenging the status quo of stem cell culture.  We want to help scientists achieve better outcomes by encouraging people to expect higher biochemical quality and are adapting growth factors to achieve the best possible biological activity in the cell culture dish or bioreactor environment.  If we can do this, we will have played our small part in helping the whole sector move forwards. One of the highlights this month has been seeing the superb hyperstable FGF2-G3 technology from Enantis combined with our protein manufacture expertise to make hyperstable FGF 2 widely available to the stem cell community for the first time. We’re always happy to discuss solutions to stem cell challenges.

Best regards,
Catherine (CEO and Founder)

new product


We are excited to make hyperstable FGF2-G3 widely available to the stem cell community.  FGF2-G3 is the best thermostable FGF 2, with extensive published data and validated protocols from Burridge lab (B8 media). In culture, the functional half-life of FGF2-G3 is >7 days compared to <10 h for wild-type FGF 2.  FGF2-G3 is therefore able to provide a more sustained and controllable level of FGF 2 signalling.

We’ve combined the excellent FGF2-G3 technology (patent licensed from Enantis) with our protein manufacture expertise to provide researchers with cost-effective improved reagents for media optimisation.

  • Compare directly with your existing FGF-2. FGF2-G3 is a 154 aa protein. For the first time, we have also produced the 145 aa form of FGF-G3 for ease of comparison.
  • No His tags. We don’t like His tags, they increase contaminants, introduce scientific uncertainty and lead to issues when scaling or translating discoveries. Our FGF2-G3 is produced without the His tags present in existing constructs.
  • High purity and animal-free, all our proteins are animal-free with extensive biochemical and bioactivity data for every lot.

cool science

all things organoids

this week we attended the wellcome connecting science Organoids: Advances and Applications conference (which was excellent!), inspired by all the amazing work presented we wanted to share our latest organoid resources.

for your lab walls: iPSC and adult stem cell derived organoid posters – with useful quick reconstitution and growth factor selection guide

for a short incubation break: a video comic depicting some of the ways re-evaluating your growth factors could improve your organoid cultures

Qkine news

we are ISO9001:2015 certified!

Qkine celebrates ISO9001:2015 certification

We are delighted to have received our ISO9001: 2015 certification, the globally respected Quality Management System standard, which confirms our commitment to exceptional product quality, customer service and scientific support.

new product

animal-free hepatocyte differentiation product set now complete

It’s always exciting to complete a set! We recently launched OSM, joining Activin A, FGF2 (145aa), BMP4, FGF10, and HGF NK1 to complete our range of proteins for hepatocyte differentiation. This group is the first fully animal-free set of growth factors available for this process, thanks largely to our world-first animal-free HGF NK1.

We are hoping that by making this complete set available, we will help make some of the truly amazing liver regenerative medicine applications a reality.

support spot

making life easy and keeping proteins happy

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to keep our lovely proteins in top condition. We supply 10 mM HCl (reconstitution solution A) with lyophilized proteins where this is the recommended reconstitution buffer. No need to make buffers and optimal protein performance – win win!

YES, it is really useful to have the reconstitution solution!

Miquel Sas, Stembryo Engineering Lab

how else can we help?
If you have any suggestions of how we can make lab life easy, please let us know or drop us an email to support@qkine.com.

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