reconstitution solution

Reconstitution solution A (Qk1001)

Solution of 10 mM HCl for use in the reconstitution of lyophilised proteins. For some proteins, physiological buffers may cause precipitation of stock solutions. Hence, we recommend dissolving our lyophilized TGF beta family and other related growth factors in 10 mM HCl.

Making life easy and keeping proteins happy

As protein experts, we are keen to make it as easy as possible for you to keep our lovely proteins in top condition. To this end, we are supplying 10 mM HCl with lyophilized proteins, for which this is our preferred reconstitution buffer. No needs to make buffers, and optimal protein performance – win win!

Reconstitution solution A is provided with lyophilized proteins and is free of charge.
For any questions, please contact us.

All our recombinant proteins are animal-free
and come with Bioactivity. Guaranteed.

Reconstitution instructions

  • Centrifuge briefly before reconstituting
  • Resuspension in buffer stated on datasheet
  • For some proteins physiological buffers may cause precipitation of stock solutions, hence we recommend dissolving our lyophilized TGF beta family and other related growth factors in 10 mM HCl (1:1000 dilution of concentrated HCl), check data sheet for correct reconstitution buffer
  • Reconstitute to a protein concentration of 0.05–1.0 mg/ml
  • Allow the reconstituted sample to sit at room temperature for a few minutes before gently agitating
  • Do not vortex, foaming must be avoided
  • For maximum protein recovery of larger sample sizes, reconstitute in approximately 80% of the total volume as above, transfer reconstituted sample to a fresh tube and rinse the original tube with the remaining solution, pool the samples
  • Our proteins are supplied carrier protein-free, if compatible with your work carrier protein may be added. if you are storing at low concentrations (<50 μg/ml) carrier protein is highly advised
  • Divide the solution into suitable aliquots, we recommend that single-use aliquots should be prepared to avoid freeze-thaw cycles

Reconstitution calculator

Use our reconstitution calculator to determine the necessary volume of a reagent for reconstituting your vial.

Enter the mass of your protein and the desired concentration of your final solution, then click solve.

Mass in vial (μg)
Desired concentration (μg/ml)

Contact our expert team

Our science team is here to help, please contact us if you have any questions about the reconstitution solution.

Contact our expert team

Our dedicated team of protein specialists is available to answer any queries you may have about reconstitution solution.