Thermostable FGF 2 G3 for iPSC stem cell media

FGF2-G3 is a hyperstable form FGF-2 (bFGF), the essential component for the maintenance of pluripotency in stem cell media.

FGF-2, also known as basic FGF or bFGF, is the essential component in all embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cell media for maintenance of pluripotency. However, FGF-2 is inherently unstable and prone to proteolytic degradation and aggregation. This fundamental biochemical instability, and therefore low half-life in culture media (<10 h), is an important contribution to the need for frequent media changes and challenges in improving homogeneity during stem cell proliferation and subsequent differentiation.

FGF2-G3 (Qk053)
FGF2-G3 145 aa (Qk052)

FGF2-G3 stem cell applications

Whilst B8 is the first media using FGF2-G3, there is enormous potential for a step-change in stem cell culture protocols.

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key papers

Dvorak et al. 2018

development of FGF2-G3 form using AI

Koledova et al. 2019

assessment of FGF2-G3 stability and signalling

Kuo et al. 2020

development of B8 media – low cost, weekend free iPSC media

Lyra-Leite et al. 2021

updated protocol for B8 media

Benington et al. 2020

nice review of FGF2 stability and stabilisation methods

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