improving the quality and activity of proteins available for stem cell and organoid research

Animal-free firsts

Our protein engineering and optimization expertise allows us to manufacture complex proteins, some for the first time, in animal-free systems.

Benefits of the Qkine animal-free approach:

  • high lot-to-lot consistency for reproducibility
  • exceptional purity and bioactivity
  • no contamination from endogenous mammalian growth factors
  • no viral, prion or trace animal-derived components
  • industry leading endotoxin-free proteins
  • no carrier-proteins for compatibility with all applications
  • suitable for chemically defined media

Qkine animal-free innovations include:

  • Qkine TGF-β1 PLUS protein
  • Qkine Animal free TGF-β1 PLUS protein

Optimized isoforms

We work closely with the stem cell and organoid communities to understand the challenges of their culture systems. Optimized isoforms and protein variants help address these issues and improve stem cell cultures.

Qkine optimized isoforms and variants include:

  • HGF (NK1) description

Pioneering Proteins

Engineered proteins with unique properties of interest to stem cell science or regenerative medicine shouldn’t be retired to the back of the freezer; they should be made accessible so their contribution to the stem cell community can be maximised. Our Pioneering Proteins are a range of modified proteins developed by academic laboratories and manufactured to our high purity and bioactivity standards.

  • protein alterations developed by world-leading groups
  • adding value and innovation to stem cell science
  • licensed through technology transfer process
  • highest quality animal-free manufacture
  • stringent purity and bioactivity testing