High purity & bioactivity
Optimized for scalability
Animal-derived component free
Manufactured in Cambridge UK
Worldwide delivery

We are re-defining industry standards for growth factor and cytokine biochemical quality to advance stem cell, organoid and regenerative medicine applications. We set strict and robust biochemical and bioactivity quality criteria, and conduct rigorous testing on every batch to ensure that our proteins will work exactly the same way, every day, at any scale you need.  So you can concentrate on your science.

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Pancreatic cancer organoids cultured in media with recombinant R-spondin 1
View customer data: replacement of conditioned media with recombinant R-spondin 1
Gremlin can replace noggin in stem cell and organoid culture
Gremlin substitutes for Noggin in stem cell, and intestinal and tumor organoid culture
Protein purification technology to produce exceptionally high purity GDF-15 protein
Exceptional purity, animal-free, E.coli-derived TGFβ1 for stem cell maintenance.