Organ Modelling Discovery Congress, London, UK

25 – 26 April 2023

The Organ Modelling Discovery Congress connects leaders in drug discovery to optimise organ modelling techniques and facilitate advanced applications. The event held in London in April addresses an important and expanding field that provides new understandings of organ functionality and novel approaches to drug development.

We are excited to have the opportunity to sponsor this event and to exhibit our portfolio of highly bioactive, animal-free growth factors, cytokines, and complex proteins for defined organoid culture media.

Our portfolio of products includes recombinant growth factor proteins for intestinal, cardiac, lung, breast, liver, and brain organoids. We also have the only fully animal-free range of growth factors for hepatocyte differentiation, including BMP-4, FGF-10, OSM, and HGF-NK1.

Speak to us about replacing your R-spondin 1 conditioned media with recombinant R-spondin 1 and noggin to improve reproducibility and to aid scale-up, a method that has been verified by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in pancreatic organoids.

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Organ Modelling