London Stem Cell Network annual symposium

25 April 2023

Join us at the 6th Annual London Stem Cell Network (LSCN) Symposium, taking place at The Francis Crick Institute in London. As gold sponsors of the event, we’ll be showcasing our portfolio of animal-free, highly-bioactive growth factors, cytokines, and complex proteins designed for stem cell and organoid research.

Included in our portfolio is FGF2-G3, a thermostable engineered form of FGF-2, with an increased functional half-life of the protein from <10 h (wild-type) to >7 days (FGF2-G3). FGF2-G3 is fast becoming adopted in the stem cell community as it can improve homogeneity during stem cell proliferation and subsequent differentiation. We will also be showcasing our recently launched neural range which include BDNF, GDNF, Shh and VEGF 165.

The LSCN Symposium brings together research groups and affiliates who share a passion for stem cell research from universities and institutions in London and beyond. We look forward to connecting with other professionals and researchers in the broader stem cell field and sharing knowledge and ideas.

Poster Presentation
We will be presenting a poster at The London Stem Cell Network Symposium titled “Optimised Wnt activators and BMP inhibitors for long term organoid culture”. Register for the event below to meet us there and to hear more about the presentation on the day.

About the LSCN

The LSCN is organised by representatives of The Francis Crick Institute, Imperial College London, King’s College London, University College London and Queen Mary University of London. LSCN aims to provide a networking platform for the London stem cell research community by hosting several events throughout each year, including workshops on specific stem cell-related areas and an annual symposium. The network curates its own Youtube channel and monthly newsletter detailing all the latest news, events, jobs and more. The ultimate goal of LSCN is to highlight the wide breadth of stem cell research performed in London (and further afield) whilst facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration across the London universities and institutions.

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