Institute for Regeneration and Repair (IRR)

25 May 2023

We are pleased to be sponsoring the launch of the University of Edinburgh’s Institute for Regeneration and Repair (IRR).
Recombinant growth factors are crucial proteins for tissue repair and regeneration, and they have advanced the research field of regenerative medicine. However, to avoid suboptimal efficacy and long-term adverse side effects, these proteins require exceptional stability and purity. Visit our stand to discover how we can assist you in achieving consistent outcomes with our animal-free, high-purity growth factors and cytokines. Why not ask us about our thermostable FGF-2 (FGF2-G3), which can improve the uniformity of your cell cultures.

About the Institute for Regeneration and Repair
The Institute for Regeneration and Repair (IRR) is a research institute based at the University of Edinburgh. It’s scientists and clinicians study tissue regeneration and repair to advance human health and reproductive outcomes.

The Institute incorporates the Centre for Regenerative Medicine (CRM), Centre for Inflammation Research (CIR) and the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health (MRC CRH).

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