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As part of our commitment to manufacture bioactive proteins of the highest quality to enhance scientific outcomes and improve reproducibility, we rely on reviews to develop a supportive and growing community of researchers.

Receive an Amazon gift voucher of £25, $30 or 30€ for reviews with an image and £10, $15 or 15€ for reviews without an image.

Terms and conditions apply, see below for details.

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How to leave a review

  1. Login or register for a Qkine account
  2. At the bottom of the relevant product page, leave your review and click Save review.
  3. Your Amazon voucher will be emailed to you within 4 weeks of submission
  • Remember to include the experimental system you are using, a brief overview of the protocol and a brief conclusion
  • Add an image or some data to increase your voucher from £10 to £25!
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Terms and conditions

  • These terms and conditions contain important information regarding the Product Review Promotion and, by participating in such Program, reviewers accept them as a binding agreement with Qkine.
  • Qkine reserves the right to use images submitted to us through reviews for marketing purposes.
  • To qualify for rewards under this Promotion, reviews must relate to a previously-purchased product on, which purchase can be verified by institution or account; if not, Qkine may request a copy of an invoice or receipt.
  • To participate in the Product Review Promotion, reviewers must register at
  • By submitting product reviews to Qkine, reviewers are representing that they are not prohibited by their institution or employment contracts, or any other obligation, from accepting gift cards or compensation for comments, data and/or images submitted.
  • Submitted reviews must contain the experimental system used, an overview of the protocol and conclusion to qualify.
    The aggregate value of rewards to any individual shall not exceed £200 in any single year (international currency equivalent).
  • Qkine reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time and to refuse product review submissions at any time, without prior notice.
  • Distributors and resellers of Qkine products are not eligible for the program.
  • Offer void where prohibited, licensed, or restricted by federal, state, provincial, or local laws or regulation or agency/institutional policy.
  • Other restrictions may apply.
  • This offer is from Qkine, not Amazon. Qkine is not affiliated with

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