SymBLS, Magdalene College, Cambridge

25 November 2022

Join us at the Symposium for Biological and Life Sciences 2022 (SymBLS) at Magdalene College, Cambridge.
This event brings together the postgraduate community from all departments of the university to meet, exchange ideas, and hear from top researchers. This year’s theme is “Overcoming Challenges in Science”

As gold sponsors of the event, we are pleased to join a panel of speakers invited to talk about how we as scientists have had to overcome setbacks during our research, and how we have overcome them to get successful results. Dr. Luana Ferrara, R&D manager at Qkine will be giving a talk on “If at first, you don’t succeed… It’s probably science! How to overcome challenges in R&D”

We will also be showcasing our portfolio of animal-free, highly-bioactive growth factors, cytokines, and complex proteins for stem cell and organoid research. Come and talk to our team about our recently launched neural range which includes BDNF, GDNF, Shh and VEGF 165. Or to improve homogeneity during stem cell proliferation, ask us about our recombinant FGF2-G3 protein which is fast becoming adopted in the stem cell community.

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