We are a company founded and run by scientists to provide a service and support innovation in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. All our products are exceptionally high purity, with complete characterisation and bioactivity analysis on every lot.

Support documents, scientific resources and advice on how to choose and handle growth factors can be found on our support page.

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  • animal-free

    Unmatched quality and reliability. All our proteins are made in a dedicated animal-free laboratory in Cambridge, UK.

  • total transparency

    Know what you’re giving your cells. Stringent purity and bioactivity data for all proteins.

  • protein innovation

    Solving stem cell culture challenges with optimised forms and animal-free firsts.

pioneering proteins

Engineering novel functionality or specificity into growth factor proteins is a research time and resource intensive process.  Successful new engineered proteins with unique properties of interest to stem cell science or regenerative medicine shouldn’t be retired to the back of the freezer.

To support translational of basic science, we are proud to have launch our Pioneering Protein range; modified proteins developed by academic laboratories and manufactured to our high purity and bioactivity standards.

Beginning the range follistatin resistant activin A (Qk035) and R-spondin 1 LR5 (Qk031)






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organoid reagents available through Japanese distributor MBL

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