Institute of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine, Oxford, UK

25 January 2023

On the 25th of January, we will be hosting a mini exhibition at the Institute of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine in Oxford. We will be located in the café on the ground floor between 10am – 3pm.

Recombinant growth factors are essential proteins in tissue repair and regeneration and have accelerated the regenerative medicine research field. However, they require exceptional stability and purity to avoid suboptimal efficacy and adverse side effects in long-term cultures. Stop by our stand to learn how we can help you achieve reproducible results with our high-purity, animal-free growth factors and cytokines. Ask us about our thermostable FGF-2 (FGF2-G3) to improve the homogeneity in your cell cultures.

About the Institute of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine

The Institute of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine (IDRM) is a unique flagship institution, at the University of Oxford, dedicated to meeting an ambitious challenge: two thirds of all deaths world-wide are due to non-communicable diseases, many of which are cardiovascular, neurological or immune system disorders that have a developmental origin, representing an urgent unmet clinical need. The mission of the IDRM is the development of new drugs and therapeutic strategies to tackle these chronic illnesses.

At its core is a formal merger of developmental biology and regenerative medicine in the form of 15-20 world leading research groups comprising 240 cardiovascular, neuroscience and immunology scientists integrating their expertise to foster multidisciplinary collaborations.

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