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Qk007 BMP2 (human) Qkine protein vial
recombinant human/mouse/rat/bovine/porcine BMP-2 protein (Qk007)£160.00£2,400.00

Human/mouse/rat/bovine/porcine BMP2 protein (bone morphogenetic protein 2) protein is member of the TGFβ family and a key regulator of embryogenesis and potent differentiation factor of embryonic stem cells (ESC) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) towards endoderm fates. BMP2 plays roles in the differentiation of mesenchymal cells to adipocytes, epithelial cancer EMT, chondrogenesis and regulation of neuronal and glial cell development.

26 kDa disulfide–linked bioactive highly pure dimer comprised of the mature domain of human BMP2 protein (animal-free and carrier protein-free). Our recombinant human BMP2 protein has been optimized for expression in E. coli and purified to homogeneity, offering a highly reliable and cost-effective reagent for the regulation of stem cell differentiation.

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recombinant mouse FGF-2 (bFGF) protein (Qk042)
recombinant mouse FGF-2 (bFGF) protein (Qk042)£100.00£600.00

mouse FGF2 / bFGF protein is an important factor in the maintenance of mouse epiblast-derived stem cells (EpiSC). Mouse naïve pluripotency is maintained by LIF, BMP4, and Wnt signalling pathways. However, the primed state of pluripotency in mouse EpiSCs is more similar to hESC and hiPSC, being maintained by FGF2 and TGFβ/Activin/Nodal pathways.1,2

High purity and bioactivity 16 kDa murine bFGF / FGF2 (basic FGF) protein, animal-origin free (AOF) and carrier-protein free (CF).

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Qk018 LIF (mouse) Qkine protein vial
recombinant mouse LIF protein (Qk018)£120.00£1,600.00

Mouse LIF (murine leukemia inhibitory factor) protein maintains the pluripotency and self-renewal of mouse  embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells.

Qkine recombinant mouse LIF protein is animal-free and carrier-protein free for highly reproducible results. Bioactivity was tested by colony formation assay and determination of Nanog expression.1

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Qk033 Noggin (mouse) Qkine protein vial
recombinant mouse/rat noggin protein (Qk033)£160.00£2,400.00

Mouse/rat noggin is a bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) family antagonist used in the culture of intestinal, pancreatic, lung and tumor-derived organoids, maintenance of undifferentiated embryonic stem cells and for stem cell differentiation into neural and microglial lineages.

Qkine recombinant mouse noggin protein is a highly pure 46kDa bioactive dimer for reproducible results (animal-free and carrier-protein free).

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