Recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP2)

Bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP-2) is a member of the BMP subgroup of the transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) superfamily. It plays numerous roles in the developing embryo, such as embryonic patterning along the dorso-ventral axis, organogenesis, limb bud formation, and bone and cartilage growth.  BMP2 is a potent differentiation factor and directs human pluripotent stem cells  towards extra-embryonic endoderm, mesenchymal and neural lineages, and chondrocytes 1. BMP2 induces bone and cartilage formation in vitro and chondrogenesis in human adult mesenchymal stem cells2.

BMP2, like all other members in the TGF-β superfamily, is synthesised as a preproprotein consisting  N-terminal signal peptide, 259 amino acid residue pro-domain and 114 residue mature domain. Proteolytic removal of the propeptide enables mature BMP2 to form active disulphide-linked homodimers, and heterodimers with BMP7.

Mature human BMP2 shares 100% aa sequence identity with mouse and rat BMP2 and 85% identity with the related protein, BMP-4 and less than 51% with other BMPs.

Alternative protein names: Bone morphogenetic protein 2,BDA2, SSFSC, BMP-2A, BMP-2, Bone morphogenetic protein 2A
Structure of Activin A cytokine
  1. Pera, M. F. et al. Regulation of human embryonic stem cell differentiation by BMP-2 and its antagonist noggin. J. Cell Sci. 117, 1269–80 (2004).
  2. Schmitt, B. et al. BMP2 initiates chondrogenic lineage development of adult human mesenchymal stem cells in high-density culture. Differentiation. 71, 567–77 (2003).

Summary: Qk007 mature domain of human BMP2 (Uniprot: P12643) expressed in E. coli, refolded and purified to homogeneity. The mature protein is a disulphide-linked dimer.

Form: protein is provided lyophilised from a fully volatile solution without carrier protein.

Molecular mass: ~26 kDa (for the dimer)

Quality testing: all our proteins are made in-house by our scientists.  We take the quality of our proteins very seriously and you can view the full quality testing data for each batch of protein by clicking on the link below

Qk007 BMP2 batch #010

BMPs are very poorly soluble in physiological solutions, so we would recommend following the handling guidance for lyophilised cytokines instructions closely.To minimise loss of protein due to precipitation or adsorption to plastic, we advise storing the recombinant protein at very low pH to before dilution in cell culture media. Low pH will also assist in maintaining the correct disulphide structure of the protein by minimising disulphide bond exchange reactions.

Every effort is made to ensure samples are sterile however we recommend sterile filtering after dilution in media or the final working solution.

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We take the quality of our proteins very seriously

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