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March 2024

Cell culture media optimization is a complex, time-consuming experimental challenge. In our pursuit of enhancing scientific outcomes and bolstering reproducibility within stem cell culture, Qkine is committed to developing biochemically defined and quality-matched growth factors and cytokines.

The first quality-matched animal-free TGF–b 1,2 and 3 proteins for improved cell culture media development

Recently, we launched the first quality-matched animal-free TGF–b 1,2 and 3 proteins to give researchers across industry and academic institutes the right tools to improve cell culture media faster. These three most relevant TGF beta proteins are all manufactured in a microbial system to prevent contamination from closely related proteins.

It’s genuinely encouraging to witness the growing utilization of these proteins with modern media formulations like B9 (or Beefy9 for cultivated meat). The shift towards serum-free culture media is gaining momentum, emphasizing its pivotal role in enhancing reproducibility.

R-spondin 1 Qk006 replaces conditioned media

R-spondin 1 for improved organoid culture

Qkine R-spondin-1 offers a low variability alternative to conditioned media. Although conditioned media from R-spondin 1 expressing cell lines is a common source of R-spondin 1, this is a major source of intra- and inter-lab variability.

Experts at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory have demonstrated our R-spondin-1 to replace conditioned media with increased reproducibility in the support of pancreatic and PDAC tumor organoids.

The only commercially available animal-free bioactive DKK-1

We developed a fully animal-origin-free (AOF) DKK-1 to support translational and sensitive studies. Using high-purity AOF proteins improves reproducibility by eliminating contamination or off-target effects from trace animal components and co-purifying related proteins naturally secreted by mammalian protein expression systems.

As we do for all our products, we compared Qkine AOF DKK-1 bioactivity with mammalian-expressed DKK-1 from main suppliers. Click below to learn more about the interesting results and conclusions from this comparison.

All our growth factors are manufactured within a stringent quality framework, ensuring high-quality proteins that maintain robust, reproducible, and physiologically relevant stem cell and organoid cultures that adhere to our Nine-point Quality Commitment.

Supporting Science Week

Quality is fundamental to stem cell research and to show our support to enhance scientific outcomes, we celebrated British Science Week with a glimpse inside the Qkine lab last week.
In this video, we meet Helen Bell, one of our senior R&D scientists, as she explains her role at Qkine and shares insights into the rigorous processes she works through to guarantee the purity of our proteins.

7th Annual London Stem Cell Network Symposium

Event coming up
7th Annual LSCN Symposium
23rd April 2024 | London, UK

We are excited to be sponsoring the London Stem Cell Network 7th Annual Symposium on the 23rd of April at the Frances Crick Institute. At the symposium, you will have the opportunity to listen to talks, network, and visit us on stand to learn more about our animal-free, highly bioactive growth factors and cytokines for stem cell research.

The London Stem Cell Network is a platform that brings together the stem cell research community across London and beyond by hosting various events throughout the year and sharing the latest news, jobs, and events in their monthly newsletter. We are delighted to sponsor the London Stem Cell Network and support collaboration between industries in the Stem Cell Research Community.

For more information about the symposium, and the London Stem Cell Network, or to submit an abstract, please follow the link below.

What’s next?

We are actively expanding our cellular agriculture range to align with evolving FDA opinions on the use of species-specific growth factors. Our ongoing efforts include the meticulous selection and optimization of proteins for comparative media studies.

Currently, we offer a selection of bovine and porcine growth factors, including HGF, EGF, FGF-2, and thermostable FGF2 (bFGF). Additionally, we are preparing to introduce a broader range of growth factors, including Salmon, Tuna, and Eel FGF-2, as well as bovine and porcine TGFb3, and bovine LIF.

Furthermore, we are advancing our hematopoietic range with an imminent release of a highly pure and reproducible SCF. This development is particularly significant as SCF is an essential growth factor for HSC maintenance, which historically causes experimental issues due to a lack of quality and reproducibility.

For more information, contact our team at with any questions you may have.

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