Pep Talk

May 2022

Cellular agriculture is an intriguing new stem cell-based technology used to generate meat, fish and dairy in bioreactors. This technology could transform food production and impact the health and well-being of future generations. We are exploring how we can use our growth factor and protein engineering expertise to create enhanced growth factors for cellular agriculture and are delighted to present the first stages of our work to the UK cellular agriculture community at the Cultivate meeting this month. If you have any questions or would like to discuss collaborations in this space, we’d be delighted to hear from you, please email

Best regards,
Catherine (CEO and Founder)

On-demand webinar: Optimize your stem cell culture with innovative growth factors

In this webinar, learn why bioactivity shouldn’t be the only criteria used to select your growth factors. Endogenous contamination from mammalian-expressed growth factors have been previously demonstrated to be a cause of misleading results. Learn how to avoid this in your stem cell culture and how to improve the reproducibility of your research using innovative proteins.

Can I swap R-spondin 1 conditioned media for recombinant protein?

R-spondin 1 conditioned media is a major source of variability in organoid culture media. However, many researchers are concerned their organoid cultures will suffer if they switch to a recombinant protein. Read Dennis Plenker’s case study to see how his pancreatic organoid responded to the switch from conditioned media to recombinant protein R-spondin 1.

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Image and video competition

Do you have a stem cell or organoid image or video that you’d love to share? Entries are open for our scientific image and video competition. Every entrant will receive a £50 Qkine credit (limited to 1 per group/team) and will be entered into the prize draw to win a pair of Apple AirPods. You could also be featured in our next newsletter. Upload your image or video now.

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