• Recombinant FGF2-G3 (FGF2-STAB®) protein is a thermostable engineered form of FGF-2 (bFGF). Qk053 is the 154 aa mature domain of FGF-2 (Qk027) with nine amino acid substitutions to enhance stability without impacting bioactivity developed by Dvorak et al. 2018. This increases the functional half-life of the protein from <10 h (wild-type) to >7 days (FGF2-G3).Recombinant FGF2-G3 is used in B8 media (Kuo et al. 2019) for weekend free, high homogeneity induced pluripotent stem cell culture. FGF2-G3 also has applications in chemically defined stem cell and organoid culture media, and cultured meat media development.High purity 17 kDa bioactive FGF2-G3 protein. Animal-free (AOF), carrier protein-free and with no His-tag.
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    Thermostable FGF-2 discovery kit (Qk502)

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    For rapid testing of FGF-2 with thermostable FGF-2  protein, to determine whether the short half-life of FGF-2 is impacting cell fate.

     FGF-2 is commonly used in stem cell culture for induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) and embryonic stem cell (ESC) maintenance and induced pluripotent and mesenchymal stem cell proliferation and differentiation.FGF-2 has a bioactive half-life of less than 10 hours. Even with daily media changes, the level of FGF2 signaling in media fluctuates substantially. FGF2-G3 is a thermostable form of FGF2 with a bioactive half-life of over 7 days.FGF-2 is typically available in two lengths – 145aa or 154aa. Researchers’ rationale for using one form over the other is often based on prior use rather than definitive data.The thermostable FGF-2 Discovery Kit contains 4 different forms of FGF-2 to determine whether there is a biological impact of using one FGF-2 length over the other in both the wild type and thermostable forms, and to determine whether consistent levels of FGF2 signaling allows for more homogeneous culture.


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