Neurotrophin family

Functioning as growth factors, the Neurotrophin family plays crucial roles in regulating the development, survival, and maintenance of neurons within both the central and peripheral nervous systems, thereby contributing significantly to neural plasticity and overall nervous system function.

Our Neurotrophin family includes Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) which plays a crucial role in neural development, maintenance, and function. It stimulates neurogenesis and is also a major regulator of synaptic plasticity and neuroprotection. Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) plays a crucial role in the development, growth, and survival of neurons in particular midbrain dopaminergic neurons. It promotes the axon growth and innervation of dopamine neurons. Neurotrophin 3 protein is involved in embryonic development and the maintenance and neuroprotection of the adult nervous system.

Qkine robust animal-free manufacturing platform, along with rigorous quality control procedures, ensure that all our neurotrophin proteins are:

  • animal-free (AOF) and carrier protein-free
  • highly pure (>98%, by SDS-PAGE quantitative densitometry)
  • highly bioactive (equally or more bioactive than other dominant suppliers) and come with our Bioactivity Guarantee
  • highly reproducible with excellent lot-to-lot consistency

Our stringent quality control procedures in place ensure your results are reliable and reproducible every time.  We couple this with unrivaled lot-to-lot consistency, ensuring every single batch meets the same quality standards as all previous ones, thereby reducing the need for batch testing.

All our products rigorously adhere to the Nine-point Qkine Quality Commitment.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Our dedicated team of stem cell specialists is available to answer any queries.

    ProteinDescriptionPrice Product informationhf:categories
    Recombinant human BDNF protein (Qk050)
    Recombinant human BDNF protein (Qk050)$280.00$3,950.00Show detailshuman neural neuronal-cells neurotrophin organoid growth-factor-cytokine-by-species growth-factor-cytokine-by-research-area growth-factor-cytokine-by-cell-type growth-factor-cytokine
    Qkine human GDNF protein vial
    Recombinant human GDNF protein (Qk051)$280.00$3,950.00Show detailsgrowth-factor-cytokine human neural neuronal-cells neurotrophin organoid pluripotent-stem-cells-ipsc-esc growth-factor-cytokine-by-species growth-factor-cytokine-by-research-area growth-factor-cytokine-by-cell-type
    Qkine recombinant human NT3 protein vial
    Recombinant human / mouse / rat / porcine NT-3 protein (Qk058)$355.00$4,950.00Show detailsgrowth-factor-cytokine hepatocyte human neural neuronal-cells neurotrophin organoid pluripotent-stem-cells-ipsc-esc growth-factor-cytokine-by-research-area growth-factor-cytokine-by-species growth-factor-cytokine-by-cell-type


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