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recombinant human/bovine/porcine NRG-1 protein (Qk045)
recombinant human/bovine/porcine NRG-1 protein (Qk045)£100.00£1,200.00

Human NRG-1 (Neuregulin 1) protein is frequently used in the maintenance of human pluripotent stem cells.  In addition to its widespread use in stem cell culture media, NRG-1 (also known as Heregulin-β1 , HRG-1) has essential roles in vivo including in nervous system, cardiac, and mammary gland development; cancer biology and neurological disorders.

7.5 kDa highly pure, bioactive domain of human NRG-1, comprised of the β isoform of the EGF-like domain of NRG-1 (HRG1-B1). This NRG-1 protein monomer is animal-free (AF) and carrier-protein free (CF).

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