Pep Talk

December 7th 2023

This month from Qkine

As we approach the end of the year, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and distribution partners for their continued support.

Here is what is coming up in the latest edition of the PepTalk newsletter:

  • Qkine high-purity mouse/rat Noggin (Qk033) is more bioactive than bacterial-expressed murine Noggin from an alternative major supplier, highlighting the importance of using highly bioactive proteins to ensure that your results are reliable and reproducible every time.
  • Learn more about our recently launched Flt3L (Qk087) helping to bolster our growing hematopoietic stem cell range.
  • Read our latest blog on liver organoids emerging as a transformative model for malaria drug discovery.

You can also meet our team in person this month at the London Stem Cell Network Workshop on December 8th. To learn more about how our highly bioactive proteins are helping to advance organoid development, be sure to speak to a member of our team during the event.


Mouse/rat Noggin with evidence for higher bioactivity

Our recent technote demonstrates that Qkine mouse/rat Noggin (Qk033) is more bioactive than bacterial-expressed mouse Noggin from an alternative major supplier. The high bioactivity and purity of Noggin ensure the reproducible maintenance of embryonic and pluripotent stem cells and the differentiation of neural and microglial cells.

Qkine recombinant Flt3L protein - bioactivity graph

New product

High purity, animal-free Flt3L

Flt3L is a cytokine suitable for reproducible and high-quality cultures of myeloid progenitors and dendritic cells.

Manufactured in our Cambridge facility, this animal-free and carrier-protein free recombinant protein comes with our bioactivity guarantee and each lot is fully tested for sterility, including the absence of mycoplasma, as standard.

Red Blood Cell Infected with Malaria Parasites


Hepatocyte-derived organoids provide unique insights into liver cell invasion by malaria parasites

Discover how advanced 3D liver models, specifically hepatocyte-derived organoids, are reshaping the landscape of drug discovery for this global health challenge.

Advent campaign

Embark on a festive journey with Qkine on Linkedin

Since the start of December over on LinkedIn, we have been getting excited for the festive season, and counting down the 25 days till Christmas, by revealing a new face from our talented team. Each day our team will be opening the door to their inspiring career journeys.

Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, and let the countdown begin!

London Stem Cell Network Workshop

Upcoming event

London Stem Cell Network Workshop

Join us on December 8th for the next London Stem Cell Network Workshop titled ‘Current Advances in Organoid Development and Application.’ The event is organized by Qkine, the London Stem Cell Network, Bio-Techne, and AMSBIO and will feature talks from leaders in the field, including Dr Eric Hill and Dr Anthony Vernon.


Last shipping dates before Christmas break.

As the winter break is approaching, please place your orders early to ensure you receive your growth factors when needed. To receive your order before the holiday break, please ensure you submit it prior to the last shipping date for your region.

Festivity. Guaranteed.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the Qkine team!

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