Pep Talk

23 March 2023

Fireside chat at World Organoid Research Day

World Organoid Research Day

Yesterday was World Organoid Research Day which we celebrated in our new premises. We hosted a series of speakers and discussions between academic and industrial researchers and suppliers in the field. We were very fortunate to be joined by Dr Hassan Rashidi, University College London, and Dr Lindsey Edwards, Kings College London, who gave excellent talks and participated in our fireside chat on ‘The impact of organoids on future research’. We’ll soon be releasing the videos of all the talks on our website and will share them when they are available.

FGF-8b bioactivity assay

FGF-8a and FGF-8b now available

We have launched FGF-8a and FGF-8b as part of our neural stem cell range. Manufactured in our Cambridge facility, these recombinant proteins are animal-free and highly bioactive. FGF-8a and FGF-8b play a key role in the regulation of embryogenesis, cellular proliferation, differentiation, and migration.

Organoid poster

Free poster download

Download our posters as a quick media recipe reference guide for which growth factors are required for either adult stem cell-derived organoids or iPSC-derived organoids. The posters are fully referenced so you can find a protocol to culture the most common types organoids.

Image and video competition images

Last chance to enter!

Our image and video competition ends this month on March 31, 2023. We’ve had some incredible images already submitted and these will be judged by a panel of our scientists. The winner will receive a pair of Apple Air Pods or an alternative brand if preferred. There’s still time to enter, simply upload an image or video of your stem cell or organoid cultures.

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