WEST networking day, Aston University

30 November 2022

We are proud to support the Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology (WEST) networking day organized by a student committee at Aston University. Encouraging gender equality throughout STEM subjects is one of our company’s sustainable development goals, and we are proud to empower women and girls within the biotech sector. At Qkine, we have a balanced leadership team, and a primarily female research and manufacturing team. Alison Rawlinson, Head of Marketing, and Dr. Luana Ferrara, R&D Manager, are both part of that leadership team and are looking forward to meeting and connecting with talented STEM students at Aston University.

About WEST
WEST aims to be the voice of women (including those who identify themselves as women and/or are discriminated against as women) studying STEM at Aston University. Affiliated with the national Women in Engineering Society (WES), their vision is to engineer a more inclusive culture for all by:
– Helping raise awareness of careers and placements through spreading opportunities from companies and organizations
– Creating a support network of like-minded people
– Influencing change in the world through outreach projects

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