Pep Talk

August 2022

This month we’ve been delighted to host a summer work experience student from a local sixth-form college in Cambridge, as part of the Cambridge Unlocked programme organized by Form the Future in conjunction with local businesses. It’s been inspiring to see ambition, nascent entrepreneurship and focus from someone at an early stage of their career. As a company, we pride ourselves on supporting the aspirations of young people. We have committed to hiring the best people regardless of the career path chosen to get here, whether by a traditional university route, on-the-job learning or an apprenticeship.

We recommend all young people establish a LinkedIn profile to broaden their professional social media profile and network. You can see some of our student’s work during their week at Qkine on our LinkedIn page.

Best regards,
Catherine (CEO and Founder)

Qk056 vial image

Bovine/porcine FGF-2 (154aa) out now

We have now released a 154aa version of our bovine/porcine FGF-2 to be used in comparative media optimization studies with Qk040 porcine/bovine FGF-2 (145 aa). pFGF-2 is used for the development of optimized serum-free culture media for species-specific bovine (cow) and porcine (pig) cultivated meat and veterinary research applications.

Image of new premises

Qkine secures lease on new premises to scale up manufacture

Qkine secures new lease on premises based in Cambridge city centre. The building will be transformed into modern agile lab and office spaces for research and process development, plus a dedicated beta-lactam free state-of-the-art manufacturing suite.

Activin A vial recovery

When reconstituting growth factors and preparing media, it is often taken for granted that the amount of protein stated on the vial accurately reflects the amount of protein in the vial. This technote highlights the importance of measuring vial recovery as part of a standard QC process.

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