We are proud to launch our Pioneering Protein range!

A range of modified proteins have been carefully developed by world leading academic laboratories, licenced through Cambridge Enterprise, and then manufactured to our high purity and bioactivity standards, bringing together academic innovation with high level manufacturing purity.

Folloistatin-resistant activin A (FRACTA) has been developed by our co-founder and CSO Marko Hyvönen at the University of Cambridge. It has the same bioactivity as wild-type activin A without the feedback inhibition by follistatin.

R-spondin LR5 is a specialized form of R-spondin 1, developed in the lab of Marc de la Roche at the University of Cambridge. It specifically binds to the LGR5 receptor, which marks stem cells. In intestinal organoid culture, R-spoondin1 LR5 induces Wnt signalling only in the stem cell population, not the transit amplifying or mature cells. 

Head to qkine.com/pioneering-proteins to learn more about how these proteins can add incomparable value and innovation to your stem cell research.

Pioneering proteins intro

As with all Qkine proteins, Pioneering Protein are:

  • high purity protein with exceptional lot-to-lot consistency

  • suitable for chemically defined stem cell culture media

  • manufactured in animal-free process