R-spondin-1  protein replaces conditioned media in pancreatic tumor organoid culture – data from Tuveson Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor Lab

R-spondin-1 (Qk006) replaces R-spondin conditioned media to support growth of pancreatic cancer organoids

Comparison of pancreatic organoid growth over three passages.

P-0 indicates the initial start of the culture in full growth media supplemented with Wnt3a and R-spondin-1-conditioned media.  ‘Rec. R-spondin 1’ culture conditions were created by depleting full growth media of R-spondin 1 conditioned media and supplementing it with Qk006 recombinant R-spondin 1 protein. ‘No R-spondin 1’ culture conditions were created by depleting full growth media of R-spondin 1 conditioned media but not subsequently supplementing the media with an alternative source of R-spondin 1.

No differences in organoid growth have been observed when using recombinant R-spondin-1 instead of R-spondin-1-conditioned media.  Experiments have been conducted by Dennis Plenker, Ph.D. in the lab of Dr David Tuveson at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

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