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know what you are giving your cells, stringent purity and bioactivity testing data for all proteins

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our R&D team are dedicated to solving stem cell culture challenges with optimised forms and animal-free firsts


all Qkine growth factors are manufactured by us in a dedicated animal-free laboratory;  we control every step of their production, ensuring unmatched quality and reliability


“Our lab has been using FGF2 and activin A from Qkine in stem cell cultures for many months now.  Our epiblast stem cells and trophoblast stem cells never looked better.  Qkine has provided us with exceptional customer service and most importantly top-quality, affordable growth factors.  We will be definitely using their products in the future.”

Prof Jan Zylicz, Novo Nordisk Foundation, University of Copenhagen

“We have used GDF15 from Qkine in cellular experiments and in vivo and it performs very well.  Qkine staff are communicative and efficient and delivery times are excellent.”

Prof Stephen O’Rahilly, University of Cambridge, UK

“We are using Qkine activin A and it works nicely for human pluripotent stem cell differentiation to endoderm.”

Dr Siim Pauklin, University of Oxford, UK

re-defining biochemical quality expectations; catalysing innovation

  • addressing the need for higher quality growth factors for reproducible and cost-effective scaling of stem cell, organoid and regenerative medicine applications

  • proprietary protein production approaches for animal-free manufacture of highly pure, bioactive proteins

  • extensive biochemical and bioactivity data, available for every lot for confidence in the reliability and reproducibility of sensitive stem cell and organoid cultures

  • innovative protein engineering used to develop optimised proteins addressing challenges in scale-up, new applications and supporting basic scientific discovery

  • founded by scientists to support science, we are protein experts who believe in full transparency and helping our customers and collaborators to succeed

the Qkine story

  • spun-out from Dr Marko Hyvönen’s laboratory at the University of Cambridge in 2016

  • Marko had been providing growth factors to the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute for over a decade, helping establish stem culture protocols with global impact

  • as researchers moved around the world, they wanted to keep using Marko’s proteins so he combined forces with Catherine Elton (formerly Abcam) to establish Qkine and be able to do more to help the stem cell sector

  • our R&D team are busy finding ways to manufacture tricky proteins and innovating for emerging fields such as cultured meat

  • four years on with a growing catalogue and network of superb collaborators, customers and distributors we are on the way to fulfilling our dream, our next steps are scaling our manufacture to the next level and bringing even more innovative proteins to the stem cell community – please watch this space

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