Qkine collaborates with the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute to facilitate same-day access to key research products for researchers at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus

Cambridge, UK, 26th September 2023

Qkine vial and packaging

Qkine, an innovative manufacturer of complex bioactive proteins for stem cell research, has entered into a partnership with the Cambridge Stem Cell Institute (CSCI). This collaboration will provide academic researchers on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC) with unprecedented instant access to the extensive catalogue of Qkine growth factors and cytokines through a consignment stocking agreement with the CSCI Tissue Culture facility.

This collaboration offers exceptional convenience to stem cell researchers. Any academic researcher based on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus will have the opportunity to purchase Qkine products from the stocked inventory and collect them on the same day from the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre where the CSCI tissue culture facility is located. Under the terms of the agreement, the majority of the Qkine product catalogue will be stocked at the CSCI, enabling academic researchers from the whole campus to efficiently obtain essential research reagents at an exclusive discounted rate.

Dr Catherine Elton, CEO of Qkine, expressed enthusiasm about this partnership, stating, “We are delighted to work closely with the CSCI Tissue Culture Facility to facilitate access to our products, which will benefit the stem cell research community across the biomedical campus. This consignment stocking agreement underscores our commitment to saving researchers time and money and supports our sustainability initiatives focused on reducing the impact of shipping and packaging.

Sally Lees, Head of the Tissue Culture Facility at CSCI, echoed this sentiment, saying, “We have worked with Marko Hyvönen, academic co-founder of Qkine, for many years and access to high-quality growth factors like these are crucial for the success of our research endeavours. This collaboration with Qkine benefits our researchers, by enabling them to access essential products quickly and efficiently and underlines our commitment to supporting local manufacturers.

To access Qkine products from the CSCI tissue culture facility, or to request a product and price list, please email Sally Lees at tissue-culture@stemcells.cam.ac.uk.

About Qkine

Qkine manufactures high-purity, animal-free growth factors, cytokines, and other complex proteins for life science applications including stem cell and organoid culture. Based in Cambridge, UK, Qkine combines proprietary production processes with protein engineering technology to tackle fundamental biological, quality, and scale-up challenges to provide more reliable tools for research and bio-manufacturing.

Qkine is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with an established global distribution network. Please visit qkine.com for more information, contact the Qkine team at proteins@qkine.com or follow us on LinkedIn for the latest company updates.

About Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

The Cambridge Stem Cell Institute is a world-leading centre for stem cell research with a mission to transform human health through a deep understanding of stem cell biology. Our scientists study stem cell behaviour, both normal and pathological, and use their findings to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Our Institute consists of 29 outstanding research groups, working across three key research themes: Stem Cell States, Stem Cells in Disease and Stem Cells & Therapeutics.

Since 2019, our investigators have been together under one roof in the purpose-built Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre building on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. The Institute brings together scientists from multiple disciplines, operating across many tissues and at multiple scales. This unique set up allows commonalities and differences in stem cell biology to be explored in a cohesive and inter-disciplinary manner.

About Cambridge Biomedical Campus

The Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC) is located at the heart of the UK’s and Europe’s leading life sciences cluster. We are a vibrant, international healthcare community and a global leader in medical science, research, education and patient care.

By locating world-leading academic and industry scientists on the same site as the teaching hospitals of the University of Cambridge, we are creating the optimum environment for the rapid and effective translation of research into routine clinical practice.

We succeed because of the strength of our ecosystem which allows ideas to develop and flourish. We have the physical space to accommodate new and expanding companies and the international connections to be the global hub for content and research.

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