Mercia Stem Cell Alliance, University of York

6 December 2022

We are excited to be gold sponsors of the Mercia Stem Cell Alliance 10th Annual Scientific Meeting on the 6th of December. This one day event brings together speakers across institutes and universities including the University of York, Birmingham, Chester, Oxford, Liverpool, Manchester and Nottingham.

Come and talk to us about our portfolio of animal-free, highly-bioactive growth factors, cytokines, and complex proteins for stem cell and organoid research. Included in our portfolio is FGF2-G3, a thermostable engineered form of FGF-2, with an increased functional half-life of the protein from <10 h (wild-type) to >3 days (FGF2-G3). FGF2-G3 is fast becoming adopted in the stem cell community as it can improve homogeneity during stem cell proliferation and subsequent differentiation.

About the Mercia Stem Cell Alliance

The Mercia Stem Cell Alliance (MSCA) is made up of members of the stem cell research communities across the Midlands and North West. This partnership brings together scientists, clinicians and regional industrial collaborators who recognise the economic and social potential of stem cell research, stem cell-derived therapies and models, as well as regenerative medicine who are all committed to advancing this field.

Collaborators are notable regional centres of excellence supporting the translation of innovative basic stem cell research for disease modelling, drug development and effective therapies. By harnessing the expertise of their members, MSCA aim to facilitate the essential development and promotion of stem cell research in the region and beyond.

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