LifETIME CDT student day, University of Birmingham

27 September 2022

Join us on Tuesday 27th of September at the University of Birmingham, Edgbaston Park Hotel for the lifETIME (Engineered Tissues for Discovery, Industry and Medicine) CDT Student Day. This event brings together academics, students and key players in drug discovery and regenerative medicine including University of Glasgow, the University of Birmingham, Aston University and CÚRAM – Science Foundation Ireland. The event is focussed on students showcasing their multidisciplinary research to improve drug discovery incorporating talks, quick fire presentations and posters.

About lifETIME CDT
The lifETIME CDT focuses on developing animal free technologies for drug discovery, toxicology screening and regenerative medicine. It has a strong commitment to develop technologies that replace and reduce use of animals in research. Further to this, it aims to reduce and replace the use of all animal derived components for its in vitro biological research. lifETIME CDT has strategically partnered with Animal Free Research UK in order to advocate for new ways to perform research and to provide enhanced training to students – both aiding to improve drug discovery in the future.