My journey at Qkine

Alice, Distributor Manager, shares her story

“Qkine has allowed me to seek out new career opportunities and challenges, with constant guidance and support along the way.”

Qkine has always supported my personal and professional development, allowing me to progress in my career and learn more than I could ever imagine. In a short period of time, I have had the privilege of working closely with many members of the Qkine team, developing my role into one I enjoy the most and focusing on research areas I am passionate about.

I joined Qkine in 2019 as a Scientist, where I worked on many aspects of our product development in the R&D and manufacturing labs. This was my first experience working in an industrial lab, and I was instantly humbled by the warm and social community and the level of teamwork and support. These qualities, along with the entire team being very scientifically minded and driven, were the reasons I knew I wanted to work at Qkine.

The team at Qkine made it a priority to learn my skills and interests, meaning my role was developed into one that fully utilized my knowledge and, importantly, a role that I enjoyed the most. This openness and transparency allowed me to not only get the most satisfaction out of my role but one that also benefited everyone the most.

The whole team at Qkine is very social and inclusive. This meant I wasn’t simply learning different lab techniques and practices, but also about the inner workings of commercial and operational teams of a company. It was here that I started picking up a few commercial jobs in between running assays and PCRs. Slowly, I took on more jobs, adapting my role to include commercial activities as well as lab work. I loved this variability as it allowed me to learn as much as I could, working on a range of projects and collaborating with people from a variety of disciplines in the commercial team, whilst still enjoying my day-to-day in the lab. It was great to have the freedom to seek out new challenges and opportunities, knowing that the support of the team was always there.

As Qkine continued to grow, the opportunity arose to join the commercial team full-time. I was excited to build on my knowledge in this field and focus on my existing commercial projects.

The next year involved experiencing many aspects of the commercial department, from attending events, conferences, and symposiums, to direct sales, marketing content creation and distributor management. I was grateful to be able to learn so many aspects of the roles involved in the commercial team, understanding where my skills were best suited and what I enjoyed doing the most.

Qkine allowed my role to further develop, focusing on both my career goals and interests. I realized that from all the roles in the commercial team, I enjoyed the tasks that engaged with a wide range of people, that was creative and utilized my scientific background. This resulted in a role fine-tuned based on what I enjoy in the marketing team managing our worldwide distribution network.

I am incredibly grateful for the support and guidance I have received from everyone at Qkine during my years with the company. I am excited about the next stages as Qkine continues to scale.

Alice Taylor
Alice TaylorQkine