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recombinant human LIF protein (Qk036)£120.00£1,600.00

Human LIF (leukemia inhibitory factor) protein suppresses the differentiation of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and is widely used in ESC and iPSC culture (1).  Human LIF can be used in the maintenance of both murine and human ESCs in feeder or feeder-free chemically defined culture systems (2)

LIF is a pleiotrophic factor that belongs to the IL-6 superfamily of cytokines. Acting through a heterodimeric receptor of gp130 and gp190, LIF can activate a number of cellular pathways including the JAK/STAT, PI3K and MAPK pathways (3).

Qkine human LIF protein is high purity and animal and carrier-protein free for reproducible results.

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Qk018 LIF (mouse) Qkine protein vial
recombinant mouse LIF protein (Qk018)£120.00£1,600.00

Mouse LIF (murine leukemia inhibitory factor) protein supports the derivation, propagation and expansion of mouse embryonic stem cells (ESC), and maintenance of pluripotency.   LIF protein increases the robustness of mouse embryonic stem cell culture in feeder or feeder-free chemically defined culture systems.

Qkine recombinant mouse LIF protein is animal-free and carrier-protein free for highly reproducible results. Bioactivity was tested by colony formation assay and determination of Nanog expression (1).



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