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Qk007 BMP2 (human) Qkine protein vial
recombinant human/mouse/rat/bovine/porcine BMP-2 protein (Qk007)£160.00£2,400.00

Human/mouse/rat/bovine/porcine BMP-2 protein (bone morphogenetic protein 2) protein is member of the TGFβ family and a key regulator of embryogenesis and potent differentiation factor of embryonic stem cells (ESC) and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) towards endoderm fates. BMP-2 plays roles in the differentiation of mesenchymal cells to adipocytes, epithelial cancer EMT, chondrogenesis and regulation of neuronal and glial cell development.

26 kDa disulfide–linked bioactive highly pure dimer comprised of the mature domain of human BMP-2 protein. Animal-free (AOF) and carrier protein-free.

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recombinant FGF2-G3 protein (Qk053)
recombinant FGF2-G3 protein (Qk053)£120.00£3,000.00

FGF2-G3 (FGF2-STAB®) protein is a thermostable engineered form of FGF-2 (bFGF). Qk053 is the 154 aa mature domain of FGF-2 (Qk027) with nine amino acid substitutions to enhance stability without impacting bioactivity developed by Dvorak et al. 2018. This increases the functional half-life of the protein from <10 h (wild-type) to >7 days (FGF2-G3).

FGF2-G3 is used in B8 media (Kuo et al. 2019) for weekend free, high homogeneity induced pluripotent stem cell culture. FGF2-G3 also has applications in chemically defined stem cell and organoid culture media, and cultured meat media development.

High purity 17 kDa bioactive FGF2-G3 protein. Animal-free (AOF), carrier protein-free and with no His-tag.

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recombinant human/bovine/porcine NRG-1 protein (Qk045)
recombinant human/bovine/porcine NRG-1 protein (Qk045)£100.00£1,200.00

Human NRG-1 (Neuregulin 1) protein is frequently used in the maintenance of human pluripotent stem cells.  In addition to its widespread use in stem cell culture media, NRG-1 (also known as Heregulin-β1 , HRG-1) has essential roles in vivo including in nervous system, cardiac, and mammary gland development; cancer biology and neurological disorders.

7.5 kDa highly pure, bioactive domain of human NRG-1, comprised of the β isoform of the EGF-like domain of NRG-1 (HRG1-B1). This NRG-1 protein monomer is animal-free (AF) and carrier-protein free (CF).

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Qk018 TGF beta 1 PLUS (human) Qkine protein vial
recombinant human/bovine/porcine TGF-β1 PLUS protein (Qk010)£200.00£3,000.00

Human/bovine/porcine TGF-β1 PLUS protein is the first entirely animal-free recombinant human transforming growth factor beta 1 (TGF-β1) protein for highly reproducible results and compatible with chemically-defined stem cell media. TGFβ1 is used extensively in E8-style induced pluripotent (iPSC) and embryonic (ESC) stem cell media.

High purity 24 kDa dimer comprising optimised mature domain of TGFβ1 protein, animal-free (AF) and carrier-protein free (CF).  Our  TGF-β1 PLUS protein has been extensively tested for maintenance of iPSC pluripotency by the specialist stem cell biotechnology company, Stemnovate, Cambridge, UK.

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