The Hyvonen group are specialists in making disulphide-rich proteins, in particular those from the TGF-beta superfamily of growth factors.  Activins and other growth factors have been made in our academic core facility for over a decade.  

Demand for our proteins from the stem cell community has grown to such an extent that we are scaling up production and have spun-out Qkine Ltd to allow researchers world-wide to gain access to our proteins.

Coming soon…

The first Qkine products will be listed here shortly and we’ll announce our new products as they become available on twitter @QkineBio.
We aim to always provide the highest quality growth factors and cytokines for researchers in the stem cell and regenerative medicine community so you can be entirely confident in your reagents.  This means that the product catalogue will be very focused and include only proteins we know we can produce at consistent quality, time and time again.  We will be providing our customers unrivalled quality control data so you know your experiments will never be compromised because of our products.

We are able to reserve batches for sensitive applications or production processes and undertake bespoke preparations and development work.  We are always happy to hear from you and to discuss projects that we may be able to help with, please contact us to discuss your requirements.