• FGF2 gel

    FGF-2 (basic FGF)

    Mature domain of zebrafish Danio rerio FGF2 (residues 2-154, Uniprot: B3DGE3) expressed in E.coli and purified to homogeneity as described in Ludwig et al. (2) Mature protein is a non-glycosylated protein with a molecular weight of ca. 17 kDa. Protein is provided in PBS without carrier protein at 10 mg/ml. Sequence: ATGGITTLPPAPDAENSSFPAGSFRDPKRLYCKNGGFFLRINADGRVDGARDKNDPHIRL QLQATAVGEVLIKGICTNRFLAMNADGRLFGTKRTTDECYFLERLESNNYNTYRSRKYPD WYVALKRTGQYKSGSKTSPGQKAILFLPMSAKC
  • Activin A gel

    Activin A

    Mature domain of human activin A (residues 311-426, Uniprot: P08476) expressed in E.coli, refolded and purified to homogeneity. The mature protein is a disulphide linked dimer with a molecular weight of ca. 25 kDa. Protein is provided lyophilised, without carrier protein. Sequence: GLECDGKVNI CCKKQFFVSF KDIGWNDWII APSGYHANYC EGECPSHIAG TSGSSLSFHS TVINHYRMRG HSPFANLKSC CVPTKLRPMS MLYYDDGQNI IKKDIQNMIV EECGCS*